Elk Country ATV Club
located in the Heart of the Chequamegon National Forest
Have Fun and Ride Responsibly

The middle picture is Dedicated to my Dad, Major John Dudley (Jack). The only ride he was able to do with the Club after his knee problem's.


 June 1, 2013 is a free day for ATV's and fishing. You do not need a license that day for either.


Spring Newsletter 2018

    We hope everyone made it through the winter safe and sound and are ready to get outside and enjoy spring and do some riding.

We have our new 2018 ATV map at the printer and should be done with in the next couple weeks. We have some new sponsors and some sponsors did not get on this years map. The Ashland County Highway Department has agreed to keep the section on GG South opened up for us and we are looking into getting a few other sections opened, one is on GG North down by 195.

We have purchased posts for the signs that we will be putting up on the trails and have set our work days for May 5th and 6th as long as weather permits so if you can help please do so as we can use all the help we can get.

We will be holding another poker run this year starting  May and ending the day of our brat feed which is set for August 18, 2018 and will need volunteers for this event. We need more people to step up and help out as the same people are getting tired of doing it all. The lack of volunteers will mean the lack of events for the club.

We have set next years Ice Fishing contest for January 19th, 2019 this will be our 11th annual Ice Fishing contest. We will be looking for volunteers for this event as well and I will post more information in the near future. We would again, like to Thank everyone who helped us out for this event and to all the people and business's that donated items for it. We really do appreciate it all.

June is membership renewal so I will be getting those forms out in the near future also. Pleae fill them out and send them back as soon as possible!

We do have our new Hooded zip up sweatshirt in Navy or grey and our men and woman hats. The Sweatshirts are SMLXL for $44 and the 2XL is $46 the hats are $16 a piece so if you want one saved please let me know.


Our Club meetings are set for: 

August 18th @ Brat Feed

September 29th on Fall Ride to Casino

October 20th 1:00 pm @ Ransoms Place

November 10th 1:00 pm @ Ransoms Place

December 15th @ 1:00 pm @ Ransoms Place

More dates to follow:


New Club Rides or Events set:

August 18th is our Brat Feed and poker card turn in day from 10 am to 5 pm at the Clam Lake Junction

September 29th is our Fall ride and will be riding over to the Casino in Hayward.

January 19th, 2019 is our Annual Ice Fishing contest.

Check out our  ATV Riding link!  Make sure you turn your volume up!! http://youtu.be/jC-qGhN2Tw4                                             

                                         Ride Safe!!

Any questions or concerns please call your President, Rick Guthman @ 715-794-2298



        Front of Sweatshirt                       Back of Sweatshirt.

 This is the back of the T Shirt


 This is the front of the T Shirt



Your Club Officer's who were elected in this June are as follow's!

Rick Guthman - President

Kim Pederson- Vice President

Krystal Guthman - Treasurer

Patricia Dudley - Secretary